Zero Acceptance of Racism, Discriminatory and Disrespectful behaviour

Mersey Care adopted this BHAG in 2020 because as a Trust, we remain true to our values that we respect people for what they do and not what they are. Despite racism being rightly regarded as offensive and an offence in law, this hasn’t made the issue go away.

We know equality is still not in place, so we’re committed to lowering the conversational water line.

We want to recognise and call out inequalities, so they’re seen as clearly unacceptable and we aim to do that by supporting our staff in the following ways:

  • 100% of new starters to receive Respect and Civility awareness on induction
  • Develop Respect and Civility tools to be used as part of team based working interventions to improve patient and staff safety
  • Create psychological safety at team level by embedding evidenced-based team working through Mersey Care team accreditation and culture of care improvement plans.
  • Increase the number of our workforce attending Just and Learning training (which includes four step process and Respect and Civility)
  • Promote Mersey Care Just and Learning journey, achievements, and developments in relation to our people and clinical practices to share our learning widely in the NHS and beyond.