No Force First

No Force First is our initiative that aims to reduce restrictive practice in our care. All the work we’re doing is part of our long-term goal to achieve Perfect Care. At the heart of that is trying to reach the highest possible standards in everything we do, not just in clinical care but also how we deliver our messages to the outside world.

External organisations have taken such an interest in our journey to No Force First, but there are senior figures in other organisations (and still a few in our own) who still believe that suicide is inevitable and No Force First is unachievable. It’s when we are confronted with attitudes like those that we need to show our courage on a number of levels:

  • Organisational – the Board must have the serious ambition to make change and turn ideas into reality despite opposition or conflicting views from peers
  • Professional – clinicians and GPs must confront their own practices and practices of others, a difficult challenge to change day to day methods and gently change the system without confrontation
  • Experts by experience – they have given so much to help co-produce practice, having the courage to tell their stories and, in some cases, having the courage to stand up and address and influence large groups of people
  • Staff and patients have shown great courage in accepting No Force First and making Mersey Care a better caring environment. Our belief that people who use our services are at the centre of everything we do and are, to use our own Perfect Care terminology, ‘the people we serve’ helps to strengthen our incredible emotional commitment to positive change - whatever the obstacles we may encounter.


If you require any more information on the No Force First initiative please contact the Project Lead for No Force First, on 0151 472 4550.