Measures outline any changes the new employer intends or envisages they will need to make following the transfer.

Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust (WCHC) envisages that, after the transfer date, the measures outlined on this page will be taken in connection with the transferred employees.

Contractual policies

It has been agreed with Staff Side that the following contractual policies will transfer with staff:

  • Pay Protection (Mersey Care’s policy)
  • Retirement (Previous NWBH policy as that transferred with staff to Mersey Care)
  • Long Service (Previous NWBH policy as that transferred with staff to Mersey Care)
  • Leave (Mersey Care’s policy)

If you have a current flexible working agreement in place, this will transfer with you. Any new requests for flexible working post transfer will need be made under WCHC’s policy.

If you are currently being managed in accordance with the attendance management policy (that can either be the NWBH policy or the Mersey Care policy) this will transfer with you until such time the process in concluded otherwise WCHC’s attendance policy will apply.


  • Change in pay date to the penultimate day of the month (where this falls on a weekend, payment will be made on the Friday before).
  • Relocation for those staff based at Birch Unit, Harry Blackman House and Anita Samuels.
  • Structural changes in relation to the new model (previously provided).
  • Changes in role/responsibilities which will impact on Band 7 grouping of staff, however there will be sufficient posts to accommodate all staff at this level.
  • A split in role for Band 5/6/7 to focus on either Universal or Targeted caseloads (staff to be given the choice of either). Job rotation will be available through a transfer window after 6 months to support staff to maintain their skills.
  • Decommissioning/service redesign of the Family Nurse Partnership service to a Vulnerable Parenting Pathway.
  • Previously WCHC had indicated that there would be a reduction in the number of Band 4 staff which would be down banded to a Band 3 role, however, they have been able to mitigate this risk and therefore it will now not be necessary to proceed with any down-bandings.
  • A service review will be undertaken after six months, post transfer to assess how the staffing model meets the needs of the service specification outlined by the commissioners.
  • WCHC are currently exploring the options available for the relocation of staff in the bases that are due to be vacated and will be able to confirm the new locations shortly.
  • Any changes in role responsibilities will be supported through training and development during the transition.
  • A formal consultation/service redesign process will commence following the TUPE transfer of all staff within the service post 1 September 2021.
  • Any member who meets the criteria to join the NHS Pension Scheme but has previously opted out will be re-assessed to join under the Automatic Enrolment legislation when their employment transfers to WCHC.
  • Opt out forms for the NHS Pension Scheme must be completed and submitted with new starter paperwork so that the refund can be processed in the following pay cycle to avoid any linking with previous qualifying membership.
  • WCHC have reviewed the position with regards to lease cars and engaged with Mersey Care in respect of the requirement to novate such agreements. Anyone who has a current lease car vehicle through Tusker will have this agreement transferred to WCHC for the remainder of the lease. Any new applications for lease car vehicles need to be made through the WCHC provider which is NHS Fleet Solutions.
  • WCHC use the same provider for childcare vouchers (Fideliti). Staff who are currently in the childcare voucher scheme will remain within the scheme.