Publish date: 28 June 2021

Here is the restaurant menu for the week commencing 28 June celebrating the UEFA EURO 2020 Championships. Remember the usual COVID restrictions and rules on masks remain in place.

Spiced Cauliflower Soup 90p
Garlic Mushrooms (V) £2.00
Halal Chicken Korma £2.40
Spanish Tapas (Croquetas de Jambon, Potatas Bravas, Calamari, Chorizo lollipop)  £2.50
Coq au Vin £2.40

Spiced Bean and Tomato Soup 90p
Broccoli, Asparagus and Blue Cheese Frittata (V) £ 2.40
Steak and Kidney Pie (with suet crust) £2.40
Aubergine, Pea and Potato Curry (V) £2.40
Currywurst £2.40

Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup 90p
Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie (V) £ £2.40
Crunchy Buttermilk Chicken £2.40
Halal Kashmir Chicken £2.40
Marinated Lamb Skewers in Pitta Bread and Tzatziki £2.50

Celeriac Soup 90p
Red Onion Omelette (V) £2.40
Halal Lamb Dopiaza £2.40
Gammon and Pineapple £2.50
Beef in Black Bean Sauce  £2.40

Cream of Mushroom Soup 90p
Scampi  £2.50
Halal Chicken and Spinach Curry £2.40
Vegetable Stir Fry (V) £2.40
Homemade Beef Burger with Bacon, Cheese and Onion Rings £2.50