Welcome to our COVID-19 staff information hub.

Here you will find all the guidance, information and resources you need relating to COVID-19.

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The above image is being sent as a laminated wipeable poster to all sites. In the meantime you can download a copy. Please print in colour and laminate before using.

As some of our COVID-19 processes and guidance will be slightly different for Mid Mersey divison staff who have transferred in from North West Boroughs Healthcare to the wider Mersey Care workforce, we have separated content below. 

If you work in the following divisions, please access 'COVID-19 guidance for Mersey Care staff':

  • Local
  • Community
  • Secure and specialist LD
  • Corporate

If you work in the Mid-Mersey division and have transferred from North West Boroughs, please access 'COVID-19 guidance for Mid Mersey division staff'.