Name Role
Jeanie Hedley Head of Information Governance and Data Protection Officer
Geoff Springer Information Governance Officer
Chris Withey Information Governance Project Support Officer
Jill Gaynor Information Governance Administrator
Anne Massam Freedom of Information (FOI) Administrator
Jean Algeo Records Manager
Michelle Sabatina Records Coordinator
Gill Housley Clerical Officer
Sharon Owens Clerical Officer
Elaine Prendergast Audit Facilitator
Robert Ruddick Assistant Records Manager
Michelle Cullen Records Supervisor
Neil Hale Senior Records Clerk
Martin Carter Clerk
Pat Lloyd Clerk
Jackie Mullholland Clerk
Amanda Woods Clerk
Dominic Cullen Clerk
Chantele Condliff Clerk
Kevin Harris Clinical Coding Lead
Marian Coyne Clinical Coder
Lauren Moorcroft Clinical Coder
Debbie Bridson Clinical Coder
Laura Bow Information Security Coordinator
Giovanni Cerisola Information Governance Coordinator
Helen Carroll Information Governance Officer (Access to records)
Julie Goodwin Information Governance Offcier (Access to records)
Catherine Draper Information Governance Officer (FOI)

The team provides advice and support on Information Governance and records issues across the Trust. We also handle specific Subject Access Requests (SAR) and access to records requests, all Freedom of Information requests on behalf of the Trust and undertake the inpatient clinical coding. Our remit covers:

  • Access to records (including the courts, deceased patients, police, regulatory bodies, etc.)
  • Caldicott Principles
  • Care and corporate records (including record-keeping and records management)
  • Clinical coding
  • Confidentiality
  • Data Protection
  • Environmental Information Regulations (EIR)
  • Freedom of Information (FOI)
  • Information Governance (including general enquiries; policies, procedures and guidance; etc.)
  • Information incidents and breaches
  • Information risk management
  • Information security
  • Information sharing
  • Subject Access Requests (SAR) from individuals and/or their authorised representatives
  • Training

We are part of the Informatics Services.

The majority of our staff are currently continuing to work remotely from home in light of the Covid-19 situation.

When working on site, the team are based in the V7 Building, Kings Business Park, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 1PJ

Those staff still working on site in the Mid Mersey Division are based in the portacabin (located behind The Pavilion) at Hollins Park Hospital, Warrington.

Area Email Address
Access to Records / Subject Access Requests (SAR)  Click here for the divisional SAR contacts
Clinical Coding
Freedom of Information
Information Governance
Information Security
Records Management (General Enquiries) (Everton Road)