Are you happy at work? What would help you do your job better? What do you want to change? Join the conversation and tell us!

Mega Conversations are our way of bringing people from all roles, teams and workplaces across the Trust together to listen to and understand views about work, challenges and future aspirations.

This year’s Mega Conversations ran online between 5 and 17 July.  As part of the Mega Conversations, the Executive Team are visiting sites to speak to staff and hear from you what’s working and what needs to be better. If you’d like one of the team to visit your site before 30 July, email:

If you have not had chance to attend one of the virtual sessions, we’d still love to hear your feedback! You can do this by completing this short online survey to tell us what you think. The online survey closes on Friday 30 July.

Alternatively, you could choose to use the questions being asked at the sessions as a prompt for a team discussion and ask one person to submit your team feedback collectively using the online survey.

We have used Mega Conversations since 2013 to listen to experiences of people who deliver and use our services and implement service improvements, clinical models and initiatives as a result.

Previous Mega Conversations led to the development of our Restorative Just and Learning Culture, so these events really do make a huge difference to you, our Trust and the people we care for.        

As we emerge from the most challenging period the NHS has known and having recently welcomed new staff from North West Boroughs Healthcare and Lancashire and South Cumbria trusts, it feels like the right time to reflect on where we are as a Trust, think about the future and how we will work together to deliver Perfect Care.

It is important everyone has the opportunity to shape the future of Mersey Care.

The information gathered during these sessions will be collated and used to inform our future plans for staff engagement and service improvements.

We know everyone is busy, but it’s really important to make time to stop, think about how far we have come and where we are going in the future.

This is an exciting period for the Trust as we welcome new staff, expand our family and realise the benefits of working together for our patients, service users and communities.

You delivering our services so only you who can tell us what’s working and what could be better. You can make a difference.