E-Expenses allows staff to claim their expenses on line by:

  • Logging into their Healthroster Employee On Line (EOL) account and by completing an On-Line expense claim.

  • Staff E-Expense claims are approved electronically by the relevant manager.

  • At the end of each month, all approved claims are uploaded into ESR to make payment to staff.

Employee log in link.

The deadline for payroll cut off dates for eExpenses is midday on the 8th of every month, unless the 8th falls on a weekend, in which case we will run the Friday before. Here you can find a list of those dates.

  • Trackable claims - You’ll know exactly what stage your claim is at.

  • Previous claims - You’ll be able to look back and see what you’ve previously claimed for.

  • Supporting receipts can be scanned and uploaded

  • Web based solution means access from any device at any time;

  • Ensures expenses policy is adhered to, reducing the time spent checking each claim.

  • Submit your expenses on a monthly basis, electronically using the e-Expenses system

  • Submit only one claim per month (from the start to the end of the month).

  • If you change vehicles partway through the month, you’ll need to submit separate claims for each. If you change your vehicle, you’ll need to contact us here in workforce, we can make this change for you.

  • Ensure that your claim is true and accurate and in accordance with your Terms and Conditions of service.

If you wish to claim expenses that incurred on your temporary staffing post / bank post, you will need to claim these on paper until told otherwise.

You will need to complete this form to gain access to the eExpenses system, when set up you will receive an email from Health Roster with your Username and Password.

The link you need to access the system is in the email titled 'Employee Online'.

If you need to add a vehicle or change your current vehicle on the e-Expenses system please use the above form. Once you press 'submit', this will automatically be sent through to the e-Expenses team for processing.

Once this has been processed, you will be emailed when your vehicle is ready to use.

Vehicles will be uploaded to the system Tuesday mornings so please update vehicles before close of play Monday to be able to use straight away. If this doesn't happen; it will not be changed until the next week and you will not be able to use the vehicle on the system.

If you no longer use a vehicle and require this to be removed from the system, please email eExpenses@nwbh.nhs.uk, requesting that the vehicle with registration 'XX12 XXX', be removed.

You will be emailed when your vehicle is ready to use.