Section 1

E-Learning Checklist - F1s, F2s, GPs

E-Learning Checklist - GPs, CTs, STs

E-Learning Checklist for Trust CT or LAS Doctors

Car Parking Information

Medical Staff Locum and Step Down Rates

Medical Staff Daytime and Out of Hours Cover Protocol

Roles and Responsibilities First on-call Doctors

Doctors in Training Guidance on hours of work shift, lengths, rest and payments

Junior Doctor End of Shift Tiredness Flowchart

Junior Doctors Raising Concerns Flowchart

Junior Doctors Contract 2016 - Work Schedules & Exception Reporting

NHSE Exception Report Safe Working Flowchart

NHSE Exception Report Training Issues Flowchart

HEE Beyond Foundation website

Section 2

Key Trust Contracts 2021

Supervisor COntact Details 2021

Section 3

Supervision Overview

Confidential Feedback Form

Psychotherapy Letter to Trainees

Psychotherapy Training in Mersey Care, Mid Mersey Division

Psychotherapy Case Based Discussion Groups

Trainees Psychotherapy Timetable Aug 21-July 22

Medical Psychotherapy FAQs

Psychotherapy Ebooks

Psychotherapy Training Requirements

Accessing Psychotherapy Supervised Case Training

The Content of Case Records

Section 4

Structured Psychiatric Interview

New Patient Clerking

ICD Codes

NWBH CAMHS On Call Guidance

Lone Worker Procedure

MHA Guidance by trainee grade

Brief Intro to Mental Health Act

Three Levels of Observation

Guidance Prioritising of Service User Assessment

Pro Forma Discharge Letter

Rapid Tranquillisation Procedure

Assessment of Risk

Checklist of Depressive Symptoms

North West Ambulance Service Ambulance Response Service Times 

 Access Electronic Blood Results - All Boroughs 

Chaperone Policy

Transfer Proforma

Section 5

Intranet Page


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Dec 2021 - 1-3 Dec 2021 and 6 Dec 21

Feb 2022 - 2-4 Apr 2022 and 7-8 Feb 2022

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