Information alert

The guidance on this page relates to Mid Mersey division staff who transferred from North West Boroughs Healthcare on 1 June 2021.

I have symptoms of Covid-19 – what should I do?

If you experience any Covid-19 symptoms:

  1. You will need to self-isolate in line with the latest government guidance.
  2. Arrange a PCR test as soon as possible at a local testing centre.
  3. Notify your line manager that you are symptomatic and are self-isolating.

I have tested positive for Covid-19 - what should I do?

  1. You should notify your line manager as soon as possible. If you are a bank staff member, you should notify the Admin/Nurse Bank, who will act as your line manager.
  2. You can only return to work after completing your self-isolation period if you have had no fever for 48 hours and are otherwise well.

If you are well enough and able to work from home during your isolation period, you can discuss and agree this with your manager.

I line manage a member of staff who is self-isolating due to testing positive for Covid-19. Who do I need to inform?    

You should immediately notify Occupational Health, Infection Control and the Mid Mersey Incident Management Team.

You will need to provide a telephone number for the positive member of staff, as the Trust have to conduct contact tracing.

You must also report the positive member of staff as ‘Confirmed COVID-19’ on the webform every day until the staff member recovers and returns to work.

You must update the Mid Mersey Incident Management Team of any significant changes in the positive staff’s condition. This includes significant deterioration of physical health, admission into hospital and sick notes.

Your staff member must have completed their self-isolation period and have had no fever for 48 hours before returning to work.