Our vision

Mersey Care’s vision is to lead the way in whole-person life-long care that helps people live happier, healthier lives. 

Our Strategy

Mersey Care’s strategy is to pursue clinical excellence, population health and integration in our services, and to develop a deep understanding of the people and communities we serve in order to identify new ways to improve our services in the future and help people live healthier lives.

This strategy will be driven by our fantastic staff and by working in genuine partnership with service users and carers.

We have ambitious plans for our estates, digital technology and corporate services that align with and will help deliver changes in our clinical model and which reflect the new ways of working required by the pandemic. We will continue to be a good partner organisation, recognising that the population health challenges we face are greater than any single organisation and require collective effort to address.

Whilst we are very proud of the quality improvement we have achieved to date, in the spirit of continuous improvement and striving for perfect care, we recognise there is always room for more.

Our understanding of what it means to ‘strive for perfect care’ is changing. It no longer means just striving for perfection in an episode of care, but also means becoming more preventative and integrated in our approach, seeing people in the context of their families, their communities and their neighbourhoods, not as problems to be solved, but as assets to be invested in.

We characterise the next phase of our improvement journey as being about embedding quality improvement techniques and results, including in our newly acquired services, so that we move from having some great examples of outstanding care to more systematic quality improvement that is everywhere in our organisation.

To reflect this quality improvement in the mainstream of our services, we continue to aim to have an overall CQC ‘Outstanding’ rating for our services by 2024.

We use a zero-based approach to deliver significant safety improvements in places that have historically been in the ‘too difficult box’. By framing our ambitions in this way, we can unlock the talent we have. This culture of continuous improvement will be critical in ensuring recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic for service users, staff and our services.

Our Perfect Care goals for 2021 to 2022 are:

  • ZERO restrictive practice
  • ZERO suicide
  • ZERO harm from medication
  • ZERO falls in our care
  • ZERO acceptance of racism, discrimination and unacceptable behaviours (see more in the Our People part of this plan)

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Each year we set out our priorities to move us closer to achieving the ambition set out in Mersey Care’s strategy.

In setting our operational priorities for 2021-22, we have sought to balance making progress towards our longer term strategy with the on-going management of Covid-19; the recovery of our services from the pandemic; and the increased demand we expect to see in a number of our services where Covid -19 has exacerbated long term physical and mental health conditions and created new mental health issues.

We have also been mindful that as we manage the pandemic situation, our capacity to deliver is reduced.  We have carefully considered the phasing of our operational plan and priorities to take account of this.

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