The local Staff Side is made up of a number of Unions and Associations that have a recognition agreement with Mersey Care NHS Trust, and recognise the benefits of working in partnership for all staff but more importantly for service users.

At its AGM it will elect a Chair and Secretary to act on its behalf and is constituted. (Staff Side Constitution)

Amanda Gregory has been elected to the Chair and is a Unison representative (0151 471 7847) and Dave Aimson is the secretary and is a RCN representative (0151 471 2609) the Staff Side is made up of the following organisations: 

Staff Side

Name Area Tel Mobile
Amanda Gregory Staff Side Chair and Unison Lead 0151 471 7847 07866 088 751
Marg Dowd RCN   07769 645 049
Ray Gerrard RCN   07717 715 842
Ian Raven UNITE Lead Representative 0151 471 2393 07880 273 543
Chris Sullivan Unison   07979 508 270
Lorraine Lewis POA Lead Representative 0151 471 2247 07717 225 054
Chris Chamley GMB Lead Representative   07753 616 889

Health and Safety Staff Side Officers

Christopher Tyack - Staffside Health and Safety Chair

Martin Garlic - Staffside Health and Safety Secretary